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Conquer The Internal Minotaur In The Maze Of Your Mind

So You Conquer The External Minotaur In The Maze Of Your Life

Your Problem (Minotaur):

Fear of speaking; shy; social anxiety; stuck in a career you hate; feel trapped working a job that sucks the soul out of you; bored; stressed; feeling empty; lonely & frustrated at wasting potential

Your Transformation:

Excellent communicator, high self-esteem, super confident, no longer shackled by your shyness, anxiety and fear of speaking

Gary Vee and Me

I Went From Being Shy, Afraid To Talk & Full of Social Anxiety To Creating Podcasts, YouTube & Comedy TikTok Videos & Speaking To Gary Vee


This email course will give you a step by step guide on how to start your podcast, and then use it for your specific goals

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Your Why:

Change career/job into doing something more fulfilling & purposeful, whether new job/career or starting own business; working on projects you're passionate about; taking full control of the direction of your life so can spend more time with your family, creating impact and fulfilling your God-given potential!

Your Solution:

Conquering your Minotaur by taking it head on directly. Create videos online and/or a podcast which will help you complete the above transformation so you can take control and conquer your life.

Your How:

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Why Me:

My fear of speaking used to be so bad I used to panic making appointment phon calls to the doctors/dentist.

I was trapped in a miserable career I despised despite being "successful" - becoming a lawyer with my own law firm.

I made videos online and then started my own podcast. This increased confidence, self-esteem and communication skills leading to business partnerships, & career change opportunities including a contract with a Saudi Arabian firm. In short: i've been there and done that.

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