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There’s a Minotaur in the depths of your mind, restricting you from speaking confidently and expressing yourself.

This mythical monster has put a strangle hold on your creativity and ability to live life fulfilling the potential you know you have.

Legend has it the half-man, half-bull Minotaur resided in a maze terrifying people who were offered up as sacrifices, until Theseus took it upon himself to defeat the Minotaur.

But how did this Ancient Greek Mythical monster end up in your mind?

Well, your mind is a maze. And inside this complex labyrinth lives the Minotaur you’ve been running and hiding from your entire life, whether you’ve realised it or not:

Your FEAR of public speaking.

Millions of people go through life living with this Minotaur...hiding, running and in fear.

The question is, are you going to be like them and carry on running or will you defeat the Minotaur so you can release yourself from this cage of anxiety in order to speak confidently & express yourself?

You’ve been unaware of this Minotaur, because it’s deceptively manifested itself with some or all of the following thoughts which you believed were your own:
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Thoughts like these occur so often they become habitual. In the end, they stop you from taking necessary action.

I know you’ve been wanting to express yourself for so long but you get crippled by the anxiety, stress and pressure you feel to do so.

The nervousness, sweaty palms, pressure in your head which feels heavy – but here's the thing: it’s not you.

It’s the Minotaur in your mind stopping you from achieving your greatness.

This Minotaur manifests itself as fear, insecurity, doubt and anxiety - and it's deliberate.

You weren't born with fear. You weren't born with insecurities.

Those crippling thoughts have been conditioned into you by the Powers that be. They've strengthened the Minotaur in your mind by keeping you restricted with fear and anxiety.

But why?

Because people who live with fear and anxiety are easier to control. They're easier to enslave. They're easier to keep trapped in the matrix of hustle, grind and work until you retire.

The less capable you are of speaking out, the less you're able to challenge the status quo and escape the rat race, which requires obedient workers only.

But how long are you going to allow your anxiety of speaking to restrict you?

How many opportunities are you going to allow to pass you by because you get nervous speaking?
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I allowed the Minotaur to restrict me for 30 years. I missed out on numerous opportunities, personally and professionally.

I went from a life of misery, of feeling trapped and caged, to a life of excitement and happiness.

I went from being anti-social locking myself in my room, to building strong relationships with family and with business colleagues working on massive projects which would never have come my way had I not dealt with the Minotaur in my mind.

I now want the same for you.

I want you to come out of your shell, I want you to express your passion, your talents and your unique insights to the world.

I want you to stop playing life not to lose, and start playing life to win. To get yourself out there, create exciting opportunities for yourself.

To get your message across and make an impact on people’s lives which I know you want to do.

So let me ask you a question – how are you going to impact all those lives you know you’re capable of impacting if you don’t come out and express yourself?

How long are you going to allow those who conditioned you into being fearful and anxious to restrict you living an empowered life?

You’ve known it for the majority of your life that you need to crack the fear of speaking; and especially in the digital age we’re in now, you know how important it is to get confident on camera.

That’s why the Minotaur Podcast Projectile programme was specifically designed for you.


Podcast in 60 Days

Feedback & Accountability

8 x Weekly 1on1 Coaching Calls

Strategy To Use Podcast For Your Business

ONLY $3995

(Limited to 10 people only)
This is an intensive programme lasting 60 days, which includes direct 1-on-1 consulting with me.

Every week you will be given instructions & lessons on what to do.

You will then carry out those lessons.

I will then help you by providing feedback, accountability & support.

You’ll also have 8 weekly 1 hour calls with me directly to discuss the issues you’re having and the podcast you're creating.

The calls will be used to develop and implement a strategy for you to maximise your new found power.

I can therefore only work with a maximum of 10 people because of the time investment required.

With this programme you are going to DIRECTLY confront the Minotaur in your mind.

You’re going to pluck up the courage, rise to the occasion and enter the maze for the most important battle you will ever face.

You see, defeating the Minotaur isn’t just about starting a podcast.

It isn’t just about overcoming your social anxiety.

It’s about overcoming your fears, dealing with your challenges and ploughing through your obstacles.

Whilst this programme is about helping you start a podcast and YouTube channel, the real transformation is significantly increasing your self-esteem, self-belief, self-confidence and communication skills.

This will impact EVERY area of your life – and lay the foundation for you to tackle any and all challenges you’re confronted with.

Why? Because you’ve experienced beating the Minotaur once – so you’ll be well equipped to do it again and again.


It’s not a course. You won’t be given lectures to go through yourself.

You won't just be part of a group coaching platform; although there is a private group of likeminded individuals, and weekly group calls in addition.

This is a hardcore accountability programme.

And you will be working directly with me, one-on-one rather than in just group coaching.

There are only TWO rules:

You commit to completing the programme.

You follow the instructions and do the challenges set no matter how uncomfortable they may seem.

No excuses allowed. No rubbish about I didn’t have time, I got sick, someone passed away.

If life does get in the way, you still can take a few moments to complete the tasks.

The whole point of making videos, podcasts and a YouTube channel consistently is so that you develop strong neural connections in your brain, which will allow you to make this a habit faster.

Very few programmes, if any, will provide feedback for every step of the way.

Even less will help you create a strategy on how to effectively use a podcast to market yourself.

The reason why this programme will work for you is because you wont be allowed to hide behind excuses.

There’s no waiting till tomorrow, waiting to get ready – you get thrown right in.

The consultation calls will map out a strategy for what you want to achieve and how to get there.

The podcast you create, with feedback and accountability, will allow you to tackle the fear head on.

It’s a safe environment, private, confidential, until you're ready to unleash yourself to the world.

As I will be working with you directly, and due to the way the intensive is structured - it requires time commitment from me as well as from you.

I can only therefore work with a very limited number of people.

This will be done on a first come first served basis - if you're not one of the first, you'll be added to the waiting list.


Starting a YouTube Channel

Teaching An Online Course

Marketing Products & Services

Building Business Relationships

Online Meetings

Growing Your Audience

Improving Your Mood

Improving Your Self-Esteem

Improving Your Relationships

Making You Happier

Reducing Your Stress/Anxiety

To Interview & Get Interviewed

For Presentations

For Sales Calls

For Confidence



Founder of Minotaur Mastery
Wannabe Model Poser (as you can see, ha!)

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Hi, I’m Zulfaqar. I’m a qualified Lawyer by profession.

I was a quiet nerd in school who always hated the spotlight. I was incredibly shy and suffered from crippling social anxiety.

Although I successfully worked my way out of the education system and up the corporate ladder to the point of founding my own law firm, I never felt satisfied.

I wasn’t serving the people I wanted to serve, nor was I making the kind of impact I wanted to make.

I just felt like I had no purpose or meaning, and that life was just passing me by.

The biggest issue was the severe social anxiety that I had.

I knew I was capable of so much more, but I was playing life in defence. Anytime an opportunity came, I’d scuff it because of my anxiety.

I avoided going out with friends. I was the office geek that quietly did all the work in the corner, and absolutely hated speaking to clients. I never went to any networking events so didn’t build business relationships.

I started and failed so many businesses. The main reason is because I refused to deal with this anxiety I had – I failed to confront the Minotaur in my mind.

I was incapable of selling, of promoting myself, or the businesses I was in.

I used to tremble to make phone calls to doctors or dentists to set an appointment. Heck, I used to be uncomfortable talking to friends and family over the phone – so how was I going to make business calls?

The worst part was that I was intelligent, and I loved helping people. But I was restricted from helping people and sharing my wisdom because I just couldn’t talk.

But I got over it. I took action. I started making VIDEOS online. Created a YouTube channel, and then a podcast.

At first it was so stressing.

I was so self-conscious. Nervous. Worried about how I’ll look, sound and what people will think of me.

But I ploughed through. And now I care little for what people think.


Podcast in 60 Days

Feedback & Accountability

8 x Weekly 1on1 Coaching Calls

Strategy To Use Podcast For Your Business

ONLY $3995

(Limited to 10 people only)

My Transformation

Here are some videos I made when trying to overcome this fear:

This video shows clips of me trying to get confident on camera by talking to myself on video. As you can see, even that was incredibly difficult.
I created a FB group, and here are my attempts getting ready to go live. Despite knowing my topic I couldn't talk - eventually I never went live.
This video shows my very first live which I did in a private FB group. As you can see, I struggled with the technical side as well as speaking.

Here are some videos I made after overcoming this fear:

Never in my life did I think i'd ever be able to make a video where i'd do some (bad) acting and start dancing in front of camera for all to see.
I started to speak more confidently, and therefore became more calm and able to talk about my topic unscripted. I even started to enjoy it.
My confidence shot up so much that I even started interviewing businessmen live on camera - this also had a knock-on effect on meetings off-camera.

And, here's my LIVE with Gary Vaynerchuk:

This Is More Than A Confidence Boosting System

I use my experience of beating social anxiety to confidently make videos, and become a stronger version of myself to help you do exactly the same.

However, I also have years of experience in the corporate world, as well as understanding the online business & marketing world.

I've worked for big corporations, started my own law firm, as well as multiple other businesses.

I've made money purely online from dropshipping, white labelling, Facebook advertising and creating courses.

One of my natural skills was copywriting - when you can't speak, you can write well!

Copywriting isn't just persuasive writing, it teaches you persuasive selling. Copywriting principles can therefore be transferred into marketing video principles.

I have coached and consulted many people on different aspects of business.

I am therefore well positioned to not only help you get confident on camera, but provide high level business consulting and strategy advice.

Here are a couple of testimonials from people i've helped:
"Zulfaqar managed to help me take my business to the next level. He has everything I was looking for. He always over-delivers. I highly recommend!"
"Helped me create a powerful message for my coaching program. The amount of information he gives you and the way he triggers your pain points immediately is just amazing."


As you've just seen, I was awful and terrified of speaking on camera.

However I carried on making videos and my confidence & self-esteem shot-up!

Not just for making videos, but in my personal and professional life as well.

Please remember the above videos were made public in front of my friends, family and professional colleagues, as well as strangers across social media.

Not bad for someone who capitulated under pressure from social anxiety right?

I also learnt a new skill of buying businesses; but it was ineffective because I didn’t have the confidence to talk.

But now I was attending meetings with business owners, speaking with Oxford/Cambridge level Lawyers and Accountants in the top floor of City-Tower buildings, as well as hour long phone conversations on the weekend.

I started networking more and building business relationships.

I don’t have a big social media following, but I was still able to attract the attention of individuals, investors and business owners who’d send me messages and arrange calls with me. Literally million-dollar opportunities came my way.

After the initial stress and nerves, I can honestly say it’s now liberating! Not caring what people think truly is a super-power.

My relationships have gotten better, my career and business life has turned around as I’m now working on exciting projects rather than being stuck in the office doing a job that was soul-sucking.

The transformation has been phenomenal and it’s all documented on social media.

From the first nervous videos, to the silly entertaining ones, to starting a YouTube channel and even interviewing millionaires!

This is why I now I want to help you and others achieve the same transformation.

In the digital world we live in today, getting confident on camera is of paramount importance. This is the future of business development and networking.

Creating content is important and written content is great. But getting yourself out there by podcast/video is what will separate you from everybody else in a crowded marketplace.

Podcasts allow people to get to know you and see your personality. This personal brand is what will establish you as an authority and someone who can be trusted.

Once you’re trusted you have the ability to build a strong audience and sell your products or services to.

Even if you don’t want to use this for business purposes, there is no tool as powerful as speaking in getting your message across and inspiring people to change their lives.

Overcoming your fear in any aspect of your life is important to accomplish.

Overcoming your fear of speaking will yield unbelievable results and literally change the trajectory of your life, as it has mine.

So if this is the kind of transformation you're looking for in your life then register now to get further support & work with me one-on-one to help you with the Minotaur Podcast Projectile Programme.

Getting confident to speak online is one thing, knowing what to say and how to build your business around it is another.

The Programme is designed to give you support and accountability in making podcasts consistently so you can get your message out.

I use my years of experience in corporate business as well as online marketing, together with the experience of dealing with my fear of speaking to help you build or scale your business.

By overcoming your fear and getting confident, my mission is to empower you to impact people’s lives by expressing yourself and your unique powerful story.

Now, as you know, Lawyers charge ridiculous fees. Online entrepreneurs do as well. A $500 hourly rate to consult with me therefore is realistic.

The 8 weekly coaching sessions of 1 hour are therefore easily worth $4000 in and of themselves.

So why does it cost so low at the moment?

Simple - whilst I have a lot of experience in consulting, coaching and advising, the format for the Minotaur Podcast Projectile is still relatively new.

Once the programme has been refined, the price will inevitably increase to its actual value.

And like I said, I can only work with a limited number of people because this involves working directly with me in real time.

So the current price will only be available for the first 10 people that register.

If you want to be one of those first 10 to transform your life at a ridiculously low price, register NOW!


I set up Minotaur Mastery to help people overcome their fears and anxieties. My personal philosophy is that if you want to become the best version of yourself then there are two elements:

Maximising your natural talents, interests and hobbies + Overcoming your biggest fears, challenges and obstacles.

By doing both of these you will develop as a person, both professionally and personally. You’ll also live life with passion and purpose.

However, many people struggle with overcoming fear and challenges. It took me a long time to get over the fear of speaking.

So I developed the Minotaur Mastery Philosophy, which is based on the Ancient Greek myth: Theseus & The Minotaur.

The myth is based upon the half-man, half-bull Minotaur which was centred in an intricate maze. This beast was provided with human sacrifices every so often, until Theseus decided enough was enough.

Theseus, being the son of a King, never had to worry about being offered up as a sacrifice. But he wanted to defeat the Minotaur because of the gross injustice that was happening.

So Theseus set off, went into the maze receiving some help, mainly from Princess Ariadne who gave him a sword and some string to find his way out. He then confronted and defeated the Minotaur.

This is a very quick run-down of the story, it’s interesting to read the full version.

The point however, is that the Minotaur exists in the intricate maze of your mind! The fears you have, the challenges, the anxieties, especially with speaking confidently – these are all manifestations of the Minotaur.

You therefore have two choices. You can be one of those who were offered up as sacrifice, and then run and hide from the Minotaur. Or you can run towards the Minotaur, challenge and defeat it like Theseus.

How long will you run from your fears? How long will you allow your anxieties to dictate the quality and trajectory of your life? How long are you going to play life in defence, playing in safe hoping not to lose?

When are you going to start playing life to win? When are you going to take up the challenges you face to experience the glory of life, and the innate power of your latent potential?

To be a hero like Theseus, you must take up a cause that is bigger than yourself, and then go through the challenges that are currently restricting you with fear.

Beating these fears, beating the Minotaur is an initiation process.

You must go through this journey to come out the other end victorious. You must take on the battle to unleash your true capabilities and make the impact you know you were born to make.

So what will you do? Will you allow life to pass you by drowning in your own misery, hoping someone will come to save you? Or will you channel the hero within save yourself, and inspire others to do the same with your heroic courage?

Remember Theseus received help, he wouldn’t have been able to accomplish this alone. You can try to accomplish it alone, and you may be successful. But to increase the likelihood of success you will need help.

The Minotaur Podcast Projectile programme is designed exactly for that purpose, to give you the help you need and the platform to soar into becoming the warrior you were destined to become.

This programme isn’t just about helping you start a podcast so you can build an online brand.

It’s about challenging your demons, overcoming your fears.

It’s about raising your level of self-esteem, about raising your confidence and self-belief.

The mindset that will be installed through this programme will reap rewards way beyond just making podcasts, and speaking confidently in your personal and professional life.

The first step to truly express yourself and live to your potential is to overcome the fears holding you back.

Speaking confidently is a huge monkey to get off your back. Once you’re no longer chained by this invisible prison, you will have the tools to really start shaping the life you want to live.

The freedom and strong foundation of being self-assured will allow you to tackle projects and get involved with opportunities you never thought possible; because now you won’t just be a confident speaker, you’ll be a confident individual looking to take on challenges bigger than you.

If you’re ready to tackle this beast, register for the Minotaur Podcast Projectile programme now.

Click on the button below where you'll be taken to a screen to add the purchase to your cart and then go through the checkout process.

Once you have completed your purchase you will receive instructions on the next steps.

You'll then be able to book your first consultation call where we will plan out the strategy to turn you into a confident speaking monster!


Podcast in 60 Days

Feedback & Accountability

8 x Weekly 1on1 Coaching Calls

Strategy To Use Podcast For Your Business

ONLY $3995

(Limited to 10 people only)


What is the Minotaur Podcast Projectile Programme exactly?

It is an accountability and support programme to help you overcome the fear of speaking, build: self-esteem, confidence and communication skills by starting a podcast & YouTube channel in 60 days. You can then use those skills, and the podcast to build key relationships, authority, brand, influence and income opportunities. You will get direct 1-on1 coaching with me, along with lesson materials, as well as access to a private group of others doing the same.

Will it work for me?

Yes! This isn't a course you take on your own. You will be dealing directly with me, therefore will have personal support and accountability. The calls will be live. You will reach out to guests and make podcasts of your own if you wish, do you think it's possible not to improve if you focus on this for a few months?!

What happens after purchase?

You will receive access to the workbooks/course immediately via your email. I will then reach out to you to arrange a call.

Is there a payment plan?

No. The price is incredibly low for what you're getting. The service you will receive is intensive.

Why is the price so low?

The programme is a new format, and therefore it's still in its early stages. I have consulted and coached many others for different reasons, but never like this. Once this current process is refined, the price will significantly jump to match its actual value.

Will I become a master at editing ?

No. This system is not about editing, equipment, software or making the perfect looking video/podcast. The main focus is to help you get out of your comfort zone and give you the support you need to make podcasts confidently. Nevertheless there are some brief lessons on editing, as well as more detailed material on equipment you need.

Is there a money-back guarantee?

Yes. If you DO THE WORK, and you see NO improvement whatsoever in 30 days, you may request a full refund. In other words, you have a 30-day money back guarantee to test the programme.
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