Conquer Your Fear of Speaking

The Minotaur is symbolic of your fear of speaking. Deep down you know you have so much potential, and so much to offer. But the shyness, the social anxiety, the fear of speaking keeps you trapped.

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My fear of speaking was so bad I could not make routine appointments to the doctor or dentist.

I conquered my fear of speaking by making videos online and starting a podcast; to the point I spoke to Gary Vee. I escaped a miserable career I hated & completely changed the trajectory of my life.

The skills you will learn will impact every area of your life, and allow you to build an online brand to make money from home.


Conquer The Minotaur In Your Mind & Life

Conquer the internal Minotaur in the maze of your mind.

Conquer the external Minotaur in the maze of your life.

The Greek myth Theseus & the Minotaur is in fact a self-improvement allegory to know yourself to better yourself, to know this world to improve it, all in order to elevate your soul to reach spiritual ascension in the next world.

Each element is a symbolic metaphor for your life, mindset and the path you take (or don’t take):

Your anxieties, fears, obstacles, doubts, insecurities (internal), problems, hardships and challenges (external)

You / The potential hero within you

The complexity of the maze in your mind (internal) and the maze of your life (external)

The people who will help you on your mission

The cause/mission that is bigger than you that you want to tackle (or what you become if you continue to run and hide from your fears)

The skills & strategy you will need and use to better yourself and fulfil your mission

Your responsibilities before, during & after victory – and the people telling you to hold back


Consulting, Coaching, Training & Development


Business & marketing consulting to help you scale, change job &/or make money from home.


Private 1-2-1 Coaching to help you build self-esteem, confidence & communication skills.


Training & development programmes to upskill you, like podcasting / videos online.

Podcast Production

Done for you service taking all of the headache from building your online presence.

Premium Programme

Become A Confident Communicator to Build Influence

Start a podcast to build confidence, self-esteem and communication skills so you can change career, build a brand, strong network and diversify your income / make money from home.


what others have had to say about the minotaur Services:

"Zulfaqar & the Minotaur Podcast Projectile programme was a massive help in me launching my podcast. I'm very happy with this programme. I would give it a 10/10. And i'm forever grateful to Zulfaqar and his willingness to work with me throughout the process.

This 100% boosted my self esteem & confidence. The programme helped me overcome my fear because it forced me to become uncomfortable in a way I was creatively interested in.

Zulfaqar was extremely thorough, very attentive and me working as a special education teacher, I really do appreciate that kind of attention to detail he provided.

Zulfaqar's support and accountability were excellent. He made me feel like he was in the process with me, which he was. He was good at pushing you when you felt like you were slacking.

I'm really excited to see where my podcast goes. It already feels like it's something I have to take care of and I would definitely recommend the Minotaur Podcast Projectile Programme, 100%.

Mike Lucchesi
Teacher + Coach

“Zulfaqar managed to help me take my business to the next level. He analysed my current situation, my product, my market, my target audience and put an applicable action plan together.

He has everything I was looking for in terms of experience, skills, positive thinking and he always over-delivered.

He managed in a very short time to analyse and to locate my pain points and challenges, and put a strategy on how we can take this business to the next level.

I highly recommend Zulfaqar for anyone that is looking to elevate their business or product!

Yahia Shaheen

"The support i've got from Zulfaqar has been relentless in such a brilliant way.

Having the permission to be afraid and to be able to share that with somebody who understood what you were going through and could meet you where you were at and genuinely understood the impact of how you're feeling and never gave up on you is phenomenal.

If you think you're a confident person you need this, if you lack confidence in your own voice then you definitely need this, but even for those people who are quite self-assured and comfortable in their own skin, you still need this.

He adapts who he is to who you are and what you need rather than what you want and that's really important.

I honestly think people are missing a trick by not being involved with Zulfaqar himself personally as a man because of his own specific journey that he's gone through to be able to use his own voice and that's lived experience.

Cheryl Thompson
Mentor + Coach

"I've been working with Zulfaqar for some time now. He helped me create a very powerful message for my coaching programme. 

I'm super happy working with him. His work ethic and his professionalism is just priceless. The amount of information he gives you and the way he triggers your pain points immediately is just amazing.

Seriously, if you're looking for a mentor, an advisor or a coach then he is the one for you. If you're seeking for a top-notch guy and someone who truly cares then you should never think twice about this.

Reem Kharbat
CFO, Entrepreneur

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