Defeat your fears & challenges to build self-esteem & express yourself so you impact the world with your business, message & uniqueness.

What is the Minotaur Mastery Philosophy?

Watch the video where I explain the Minotaur philosophy and why it is relevant for you.

The Minotaur philosophy applies to every aspect of your life.

Whether it's personal development, business, health or relationships...

Chances are you are facing obstacles and challenges, most of which are in your mind.

I had a crippling fear of speaking in public, I was defeated mentally. It wasn't until I took on those fears in my mind first, before I was able to become a more confident speaker.

Let's take business as an example. Business is a mindset, as well as strategic planning and execution.

Most people in business don’t fail because they’re not talented enough; it’s because they don’t confront the Minotaur in the maze.

People get lost in the maze of life, and more importantly, in the maze of their mind: what to do; how to do it, where to go?

The Minotaur in the mind is symbolic of fears, insecurities & challenges, which you either take on or hide from.

Ask yourself this...

When you take a look at your life, your business, and your choices from an outside perspective…

Would you fall into the category of:

Those that were offered up as sacrifices to the Minotaur in the Maze

Those that are in the maze but run, avoid and hide from the Minotaur

Theseus who stepped into the Maze to kill the Minotaur

If you want to be successful like Theseus in defeating the Minotaur, you need to confront the Minotaur in your Mind.

To help you, of course you need a plan, strategy and assistance along the way, just like Theseus got.

But if you don’t acknowledge and tackle your fear first, the rest becomes irrelevant.

Fear of:





Losing Money

The Unknown

Taking Risks


Losing It All

How You’ll Look

Feeling Like A Loser

Feeling Stupid

The list is endless. The reason is irrelevant.

Fear is fear. You can dodge it, you can avoid it, stay out of it’s way…but it will always be there.

You can try to navigate your way through the maze avoiding trouble, challenges and risks, but just knowing it’s there, will always keep you in a state of anxiety...

Until you decide to take the challenge.

And once you do, you’ve already gone a long way to preparing your mind for the journey.

Put the plans in place. Get the strategy together. Find your partnerships. And execute.

It will be tough and it will be difficult. But that’s the initiation process you need to go through to come out the other side victorious!

Once you decide to take on the Minotaur, you’ll find things start to align for you. A new sense of purpose and a spring in your step.

And when you defeat the Minotaur? After the blood, sweat and tears?

The joy and inner satisfaction will be priceless.

My mission is to help you confront your Minotaur, as well as provide you with the strategies to succeed in the execution of your life & business goals.

If you are ready to confront your Minotaur, click on the following link to receive a FREE course to help you:

The Minotaur Mind Magick course will help you to re-wire your brain, and re-design your life by overcoming your fears and becoming the hero you were destined to be.

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