What Is The Minotaur Philosophy & Why Is It Relevant to You? Watch The Video Explanation


The Minotaur Philosophy Applies To Every Aspect Of Your Life.


Is the relationship you have with yourself.


Is the relationship you have with others.


Is the bridge between the two.


Direct yourself & your life by improving all three.


And then combat a cause that's bigger than you


Go To War With Yourself & A Degenerate Society Fighting To Keep You Weak!

Conquering your internal Minotaur is about going to war with yourself so you become the best you can be. You can then go to war with a society that wants to keep you trapped, and subsequently help all the people and causes you care about.


Strong People Create A Strong Society

It’s no secret we live in perilous times. Mental health issues and suicide are on the rise at an exponential rate. Building yourself first allows you to become strong enough to then build a better world.

The aim is for you to build self-esteem, confidence and communication skills so you can change career from a soul-sucking job and live a more wholesome, fulfilling and satisfying life where you help make the world a better place; and attain spiritual ascension in the process.

Who am i

ex-lawyer Turned Consultant



My Internal Minotaurs

I had a crippling fear of speaking, to the point I could not make routine appointments to the doctor or dentist. I conquered this Minotaur by making videos online and starting a podcast.

Another Minotaur was being incredibly unfit, so I went on programmes like 75-Hard, and 100 days in a row at the gym lifting weights.

Essentially, I had self-esteem, confidence and communication issues; which I combatted.

My External Minotaurs

I despised my career as a lawyer, tried escaping from it many times but just felt trapped.

By conquering the internal minotaurs of self-esteem, confidence, insecurities and self-doubt, and by developing strong communication skills I was able to leave behind a career I hated.

Since then i’ve started several businesses, won contracts including with a company in Saudi Arabia which involved working on HUGE projects around the world.

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