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What Is A Cause of Anxiety – Your Daily Routine

Your eyes open. Those early few seconds of confusion whilst you stretch, rub your eyes and get your bearings together…and then you feel it for a split second. Just a tiny speck of agitation. But it’s Sunday morning, and you’re relieved you still have time to stay in bed rather than worry about waking up and getting read to go to work. The speck of agitation goes away…for now. So what is a cause of anxiety..? Your daily routine! There are other factors, like the weather. I discussed this in more detail in this article: <Can Weather Affect Mood> But […]

Can Weather Affect Mood?

It seems like a silly question with an obvious answer, but it’s still an important questions to ask. If you’ve read my previous articles, you will have seen me mention that about 80% of people in the UK are unhappy. The UK is also known for it’s rubbish weather. So is there a correlation, can weather affect mood? Does sunshine, or lack of, have an impact on anxiety and stress? English Summers When you’ve lived in England all your life, you’ve almost accepted that great sunny weather is a rare occurrence. We’ve had so many “summers” full of clouds and […]