How To Fight Anxiety

Hey guys. An easy answer to the title of this post would be to sit outside in lovely sunny weather whilst doing something you enjoy (like writing this article – it’s not often we get sustained great weather in England but boy what a difference it makes). But, the following is a more unique, detailed look on how to fight anxiety. However, it doesn’t just stop there, the principles can be used to really take your life up a few notches if applied whatever your personal circumstances are.

Meditation is a fantastic way to fight anxiety & protect your inner Kingdom

Imagine A Fort

Imagine a giant fort. Inside it, there is a wonderous castle that contains elegant rooms.

There are intricate mazes that you can get lost in.

It’s so big you don’t even know half of what’s inside it.

There are important rooms and elements, places you spend a lot of time inside. Areas which you decorate and maintain.

However, there are other areas which are neglected but still play a prominent role.

There are hundreds, if not thousands of workers inside. Each of them carrying out different functions.

Some ensure the hall ways are clean. Others make sure the food is on point. Others take care of defence systems, whilst others are specifically employed for their taste in fashion.

Some people are more important than others. Some are expendable. Some are irreplaceable.

Points of Entry & Exit

Right in the midst of the castle is of course the centre piece. The main attraction. The most important element…the throne room.

As with any throne room…there inside is the King and Queen. The whole purpose of the fort is to protect and serve the King and the Queen.

Now this fort has 5 major known points of entry and exit. Anything or anyone that comes in must come in from one of these 5 points. And of course, anyone or anything that leaves must do so using these 5 points.

It is incredibly important to make sure that each of these 5 points is guarded. Ample security is necessary. You want to place your strongest soldiers there. Otherwise, if not, the whole kingdom is susceptible to an attack.

Without adequate guard, any and all kinds of trouble-maker could enter. That includes those that wish to create deliberate harm. Those that have intentions of stealing, robbing or killing.

But there are also those that may not come across as trouble makers, however can create all kinds of problems once inside. Of course, it’s possible for these types of people to enter the kingdom even if it is guarded…which is why it’s ultra necessary that the guard is attentive.

A fort is needed to protect the King or Queen inside

Hidden Entry Points

In addition to the 5 main points, there are quite a few other hidden, unknown entry points. So it’s important to devise a system where even these are protected.

A well guarded fort controls exactly what goes in and what goes out. Everything is checked and maybe even double checked before it enters.

You don’t want an “innocent” looking fruit seller, for example, to enter with a wagon of what seems to be apples at the top, whereas underneath there are weapons of mass destruction.

More importantly, you don’t want the type of fruit seller who brings in a full wagon of apples, half of which contain a deadly bacteria, which can spread like wildfire.

What Would You Do?

If you were in charge of this fort, if you were the King or the Queen, what would you do?

Would you disregard the entry points or would you place added security?

Would you monitor what goes in and what goes out or just let it be?

Would you guard the whole fort or just the entry points?

Now ask yourself this, are you on guard or neglectful of your own kingdom?

The Allegory Explained

The fort/kingdom is your body.

The 5 entry points are your senses: touch, taste, smell, sound.

The hidden entry points are your unconscious mind.

The intricate mazes, rooms, workers are all the amazing systems, arteries, veins, organs & cells etc inside your body.

The throne-room is your heart.

The King or Queen is your soul.

In short, your five senses are pathways to the kingdom of your heart.

If they are not appropriately guarded then the kingdom becomes threatened.

Your sub-conscious mind (the hidden points) also needs to be guarded.

Are You On Guard?

Do you therefore consciously control what goes through your senses?

Do you filter what you lay eyes on?

Do you filter what you listen to?

Do you filter what you eat?

Do you filter what you touch?

Do you filter what you smell?

It’s much harder to filter the hidden paths, but to counter that do you take care of your surroundings and environment…or are you mindlessly on auto-pilot whilst all kinds of subliminal messaging contaminates your mind?

Do you take control of your thoughts or do you let them fester until they’re enshrined into your conscious mind?

Because rest assured, what goes in is processed by your internal system…and when something is input, processed then naturally there is an output.

Consuming TV
Do you guard what you consume or mindlessly let things go by?

A Deeper Look At Your Environment

If your life is rubbish. If your mood is off. If you’re anxious. If you’re depressed. If you’re stressed.

Have you questioned your environment?

Have you considered what you’re constantly watching, listening to, eating, touching or smelling?

Who are the people you’re surrounding yourself with? Do they support you? Do they have a positive impact on you? Or do they have a negative impact on you?

This applies to family, partners, friends, work colleagues, public figures, celebrities…anyone and everyone. What is your reaction to what they day and do?

How about the thoughts you have? Do you observe what your mind is saying…do you question why it has the thoughts it does…do you ever stop those thoughts from churning around and around or let them have a free reign to cause havoc?

Because if you don’t take the time to monitor these things and make a conscious effort to restrict the bad stuff…then you’re leaving yourself vulnerable and open to attack.

You have the malicious thieves and attackers in the kingdom…things you know that are bad for you, smoking, drinking, unhealthy eating etc. Do you allow them to pass freely?

Take Control

Your body is a kingdom…take care of it.

Your heart is a throne…look after it.

Your soul is a King or Queen….protect it with all your might, cherish it and let it flourish.

Take control of your life, otherwise life will take control of you. And once you lose control the only thing you’ll ever feel is hopelessness, stress anxiety and depression.

Sometimes it starts with getting the basic definition of what success means to you right, I talk more about this in the following article: <Definition of Success>

On the other hand, if you do take control…sure it is a struggle to do so, but once you take control you will feel empowered, strong, full of hope, confident, ambitious and invincible.

God (life – if you don’t believe in God) only throws challenges at you that He believes you can handle.

Why then, are you not full of belief in yourself?

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Until the next one…

6 thoughts on “How To Fight Anxiety

  1. Hi Zulfaqar
    Very inspiring article. I love it. I like how you handle anxiety in a unique way especially this idea: The throne-room is the heart.and the King or Queen is the soul. and the five senses are pathways to the kingdom of heart.
    Besides, I admire the idea of filtering things such as filtering what we see. what we eat and what we listen to. Your style in writing is amazing. You made me read the article line by line and word by word. Thanks for sharing your useful ideas.

  2. Hi Zulfaqar,

    That is the most unique way that I have seen on how to fight anxiety.

    I think that people who experience anxiety would have done their best to fight anxiety before it took a hold on them.

    It can get in unintentionally, quite often when defences are down. Once in, it can be very hard and difficult to remove anxiety. However, once it is in, how then can you fight it? I think that at least part of the answer lies with meditation.


    1. Yep..meditation is necessary…spiritual development on a daily basis, along with physical and mental development are needed…something i’ve discussed in another previous article. Chaotic world…a lot of people don’t realise what is causing the anxiety and stress, until it’s too late. Even then they still are unsure as to what the problem is. Meditating keeps you calm, and allows you to focus and reflect.

  3. I really enjoyed reading your post and I totally agree with you about the environment. I don’t watch the news and I do my best to hang out with positive people. I find that I am very empathic and tend to pick up on the vibes around me. Thanks for the reminder to try and hang out with positive people.

    1. Hey…yeah keeping out the news is quite important these days…it’s all just so bad and negative. Imagine drilling that much negativity into your brain first thing in the morning…major cause of stress.

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