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Can Weather Affect Mood?

It seems like a silly question with an obvious answer, but it’s still an important questions to ask. If you’ve read my previous articles, you will have seen me mention that about 80% of people in the UK are unhappy. The UK is also known for it’s rubbish weather. So is there a correlation, can weather affect mood? Does sunshine, or lack of, have an impact on anxiety and stress? English Summers When you’ve lived in England all your life, you’ve almost accepted that great sunny weather is a rare occurrence. We’ve had so many “summers” full of clouds and […]

What Is A Cause of Anxiety – Your Daily Routine

Your eyes open. Those early few seconds of confusion whilst you stretch, rub your eyes and get your bearings together…and then you feel it for a split second. Just a tiny speck of agitation. But it’s Sunday morning, and you’re relieved you still have time to stay in bed rather than worry about waking up and getting read to go to work. The speck of agitation goes away…for now. So what is a cause of anxiety..? Your daily routine! There are other factors, like the weather. I discussed this in more detail in this article: <Can Weather Affect Mood> But […]

How To Fight Anxiety

Hey guys. An easy answer to the title of this post would be to sit outside in lovely sunny weather whilst doing something you enjoy (like writing this article – it’s not often we get sustained great weather in England but boy what a difference it makes). But, the following is a more unique, detailed look on how to fight anxiety. However, it doesn’t just stop there, the principles can be used to really take your life up a few notches if applied whatever your personal circumstances are. Imagine A Fort Imagine a giant fort. Inside it, there is a […]

What Is The Fight or Flight Response

Hello you. You might have come across this term, or you may not have, either way it’s really important to understand the concept. So today’s topic will be what is the fight or flight response, and why is it crucial to understand it. A Riveting Story… Imagination time: Once upon a time, many many moons ago. Like really, a long long time ago. A time when you’re living in the Jungle. You’ve got long frazzy hair. You’re wearing leopard skin rags that partially cover your body. That’s the norm for those days. Your body contains numerous scars, sweat and dirt….it’s […]
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The Best Ways to Deal With Anxiety

Anxiety left untouched can fester in the mind until it really brings you down. This starts to have an impact on every aspect of your life. Your whole life experience turns negative. So what are the best ways to deal with anxiety? Take control. Take charge. Make a plan. This is what i’m doing. Day 1: A Plan Begins So last night I started something again, which I hadn’t done in a while. It’s something all successful people do…i’ve watched a LOT of YouTube videos and read a lot of books to know this is something they do. I got […]

What Is The Best Treatment for Anxiety

Hello again, appreciate having you here so thanks for dropping by. And if you read my long ass personal story the last time around then an even bigger thank you. So in this article i’m going to elaborate more on what is the best treatment for anxiety. However, the golden content your about to read can help you optimise your life even if you’re not suffering from anxiety. The Three Categories If you read my last article you’ll remember that during my most blissful period in life, I had an extraordinary routine. I was going to the gym in the […]

What Is The Cause of Anxiety – My Personal Story

Hello again and thanks for dropping by. As discussed previously, there are many causes for anxiety and stress. However, in this article i’m going to use my personal experiences to explore what is the cause of anxiety in my life. Hopefully this will help you investigate the causes of any anxiety and stress in your life. Disclaimer: it’s LONG. If you didn’t read the last article, which contained general remarks, you can do so by clicking here: <General Remarks About The Cause of Anxiety> Blitzkreiger As far back as I can remember, I was always regarded a SWOT. That was […]

What Is The Cause of Anxiety – General Remarks

Just wana say a big thank you to everyone that reached out as a result of the last article, both publicly and privately…means a lot. So this time I’m gona briefly discuss the causes of anxiety, stress and other mental disorders in general terms. I say briefly because there are so many causes, and each could have an enormous article for itself. General List The following website provides a list of causes: childhood abuse, trauma, or neglect social isolation or loneliness experiencing discrimination and stigma social disadvantage, poverty or debt bereavement (losing someone close to you) severe or long-term stress having…
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Mental Health UK – Opening Up

  I’m in my early 30s, married and I have a son, alhamdulillah. I’m a solicitor. I have my own law firm. Live in a 5-bed house and drive a brand-new Audi S5. From the outside looking in, I’ve made it. Yet, the majority of my time is spent living in anxiety, stress, emptiness and burdensome unfulfillment. Half the time it’s probably from feeling guilty for feeling shit given all the blessings I have. So here I am opening up about mental health UK.     Figured Out     The amount of times I’ve had people say to me […]